7 Month Old CEO Opens The Woman's Villa In Las Vegas!

7 Month Old CEO Opens The Woman's Villa In Las Vegas!

The Woman's Villa is now officially open for business and the CEO, Milani Green, is just 7 months. Yes, you read that correctly. The Woman's villa offers vaginal steam services, herbal teas, skincare products, seamoss and more. The opening was held on Mother's Day and it became open to the community May 11, 2022. Many people came out to show their love & support while also booking appointments for the upcoming week. The Woman's Villa is located at 1771 E. Flamingo Rd. Suite 110B, just 5 minutes away from the Las Vegas Strip. 

Dajah Spence & Robert Green are Milani's parents and made sure that everything was well executed. After a home birth, Spence became passionate about the world of birth and felt that it was important to bring back indigenous, traditional and cultural practices passed down from our ancestors. "Maternity deaths rates in the black community are high and I responded to the call become a healer in my community", says Spence. The family is focused on pushing generational wealth and they are leading by examples.

Yoni steaming is a spiritual and traditional practice for postpartum care and monthly womb care. Yoni means 'sacred'. Vaginal steaming cleanses the vagina, detoxifies the uterus, regulate irregular menstrual cycles, ease period cramping and bloating. Vaginal steaming is an excellent remedy for naturally lifting the uterus and getting rid of gynecological disorders like Fibroids, Endometriosis, and Ovarian Cysts to name a few. 

Your womb is more than a physical aspect of the body but it represents the magical, wonderful and spiritual qualities of the body. The womb is the most important part of the female body. Too often, do we shame our periods and dread when it comes but this is a time to connect with source, to reflect, to let go, to focus on love, to slow down and pace yourself, to manifest, reinvent and create. Your period is a sacred time and give yourself grace.

Yoni Steaming

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