OUR STORY: How We Got Started!


From Acne & Rosacea To Flawless Skin! (Our CEO's story) -Dajah Spence


The Life Of Cosmetics journey began shortly after moving to Atlanta 2017. I suffered from acne as a teenager but it was nothing like this. I would get pimples here and there but then they would go away. As an adult, I had mostly clear skin until this time. One after another a small pimple would arise on my cheeks and would leave dark marks on my skin. I am lighter toned so these marks stood out. I had no idea how to prevent them from coming nor how to make them go away, and even if I didn’t pop them, they would still leave marks.

I was diagnosed with rosacea and it was very clear that certain things I did such as drinking a glass of wine or working out would trigger dark red spots around my cheeks. My face begin to feel very itchy and I was extremely uncomfortable sleeping at night. I began trying different store bought products and looking up remedies on Youtube, but nothing seemed to work. My face was only getting worse by the day and I would look in the mirror and not recognize myself anymore. I had forgotten how my face looked before, and the chronic acne and rosacea were my new normal. I couldn’t afford to pay a dermatologist at the time, so instead I went to a general practitioner, which left me with nothing by a large bill and medication that didn’t work. The practitioner basically explained to be that more than 16 million Americans suffer from rosacea but they had no idea how people get it.

I began hiding my imperfections with makeup, only for the makeup to burn my skin so bad that I had to immediately take it off because it felt like my face was on fire. I was a freelance model at the time so this situation not only affected my self-esteem, but also left me without work and no income. The vegan cosmetics brands at the time were too expensive and so I decided to take matters into my own hands. After a year of trying products, I started making my own natural products right at home in my kitchen and I saw a slight difference in the appearance and texture of my skin.

I also turned my attention to my diet, since I knew that it would make a positive difference in my life as a whole. I became a vegan. It was one of the hardest things that I ever had to do, but I was so determined to heal myself that I became disciplined. I was addicted to toxic foods that were causing my acne, as well as other bad habits like not using the right skincare products and routine and makeup products on my face. I had my first vegan meal at a restaurant in Atlanta, GA and it broke my face completely out. I had acne on every inch of my face. I didn’t understand, I thought I was on the right path by changing my diet. After all the hard work that I had done to clear it up, I cried for days. Despite this, I was determined to continue eating healthy and making my own meals and skincare products versus buying them. I studied herbs and the human body. I started making products for my friends, and soon after, my social medial followers began asking to purchase them. It was at this moment that I decided to begin my own vegan skincare and cosmetics brand, birthing Life Of Cosmetics! Now 3 years later, we are finally open for business.