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Yoni Steam Cleansing Treatment

Yoni Steam Cleansing Treatment

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The perfect hydrotherapy for womb wellness & spa treatment for you vagina.

A physical and emotional detoxification process used to cleanse your uterus by squatting, kneeling, and sitting. This helps your body to release physical and emotional stagnation and toxins unconsciously stored in your womb space. Assist with painful periods, depression, energy blockages and more. 

Some Major Benefits:

Regulate Cycles

Postpartum Recovery

Improve Odor

Release Emotional Stagnation

Increase Sexual Energy

Helps Clear blood from previous cycle

A light menstrual flow

Speed healing after childbirth

Release emotional trauma

Detoxification of the womb

Vaginal Prolaspe

Stabilizes Mood

Unpleasant smell

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